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Makers of reusable and liquid free cleaners to the world where visual clarity and sanitation counts. SKT Productions offers a wide range of rolling products for the cleaning and maintenance of smartphones, digital display screens, analog vinyl records, eyeglasses and film negatives. These cleaners are sanitizing, reusable, liquid free, Eco-friendly and economical. SKT Productions also provides anti-gravity non-slip mats for use in the home, in automobiles, in surgical facilities and on swaying boats and yachts.

Founder: Dr. Stanley Taub, MD

A modern day “Renaissance Man” - Dr. Stanley Taub is an 87-year-old dynamo retired plastic surgeon, prolific inventor, musician, painter, sculptor, artist and then some! He learned that the tacky material he used to hold surgical instruments in place during surgery, also did a great job of removing smudges from glass. And that is how the iRoller was born!

Fun Facts about Dr. Stan

Invented an artificial larynx to help cancer patients speak in 1968

Invented Oral Panendoscope for direct viewing of larynx & pharynx

Is no ‘dummy’, but works with “Lyle” as a ventriloquist.

Is a classically trained concert pianist

Sculpture by Dr. Stan of his favorite actor - Clint Eastwood. Clint loved the likeness and complimented Stan on the voluminous hair he gave him!

The Piano Doc

“August Field” 2008. Crushed stained glass on acrylic panel.