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Liquid-Free Touchscreen Cleaner

Problem: Does your device screen collect tons of fingerprints smudges within minutes?


Use SKT Productions' iRoller screen cleaner, a reusable liquid-free screen cleaning tool effective on any touchscreen. This screen cleaning roller instantly cleans your screen anytime with a quick swipe! With this reusable tablet screen cleaner, you don't have to purchase costly touchscreen mist cleaner and cloths multiple times. Keep your screens perfectly clean at home and on the go with our portable screen cleaners.

What does iRoller do?

· Instantly Removes Fingerprints
· Clean Mobile Gadgets as You Go
· Money & Time-Saving Touchscreen Cleaner
· Removes Smudges and Fingerprints
· For Smartphones and Tablets
· Great Microfiber Cloth Alternative
· Prevent Early Damage to Mobile Devices

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Completely Liquid-Free Screen Cleaner

Your touchscreen deserves a better cleaning solution than what's found in eco-friendly screen cleaner wipes. The iRoller works as an all-in-one screen cleaning kit that helps completely clean the screens of smartphones, tablets, and touchscreen laptops. This cell phone screen cleaner is powerful, and you will no longer need to use a screen cleaning spray and a cloth or wasteful alcohol-based phone screen wipes.

✓ Used for all screens and devices

✓ Liquid-free technology

✓Picks up fingerprints and smudges

✓ Removes bacteria

✓ Reusable

✓ Cleaned with soap & water

Over 500,000 Customers Trust the iRoller

Founder: Dr. Stanley Taub, MD

A modern day “Renaissance Man” - Dr. Stanley Taub is an 91-year-old dynamo retired plastic surgeon, prolific inventor, musician, painter, sculptor, artist and then some! He learned that the tacky material he used to hold surgical instruments in place during surgery, also did a great job of removing smudges from glass. And that is how the iRoller was born!

What Our Fans Say


“Where have you been all my life, iRoller?”


“I swear, this is magic!”

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If for any reason you're not 100% satisfied with your iRoller, you can easily return it, hassle free.

Designed in the USA

iRoller is designed and based in the USA

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Quality Guarantee

We control every step of the process to ensure a safe and high-quality product

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Mission Driven

Our mission is to help consumers enjoy their clean electronic devices while avoiding the. need to use disposable, 1x use cleaning products

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