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In The Groove®

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In The Groove® The revolutionary, reusable, liquid free deep groove vinyl record cleaner. In The Groove® - “A Revolutionary Liquid Free, Reusable Record cleaner that can remove fresh finger smudges, dust, and loose debris from the surface and within the grooves of Vinyl Records.” It’s excellent for easy maintenance of your record collection. It is indispensable to the use of the carbon fiber brush which leaves a line of dust on the record surface that In The Groove completely removes.  

  • Record Cleaner, Clean Record, Clean Vinyl, Unique, residue-free tacky roller, and a scratch-guard gripping handle
  • Roller refills available on as In The Groove Replacement Roller
  • Requires no sprays, cloths, or brushes
  • Easy to use, removes surface finger smudges and in the groove dust and debris
  • Effective for easy vinyl record maintenance.