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Insta-Hold® Surgical Drapes (3-Pack 19" x 12")

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Insta-hold® Magical, antigravity surgical instrument holding mat. Insta-hold® is a non-magnetic surgical instrument holding mat for use in sterile surgical settings. It keeps both metal and plastic surgical instruments from sliding off curved and sloping body surfaces during surgery and within easy grasp of the surgeon.

Insta-hold® is the mother tacky mat that gave birth to all SKT products you see displayed on Amazon and on this web site; In The Groove®, Rollclean®, iTack®, iGlassclean® the iRoller® and all its offshoots. They all have one thing in common, a tacky surface that is reusable, washable and in the case of Insta-hold®, a tacky mat that is sterilizable.